Electrical Engineering is the application of the scientific laws governing electricity, magnetism and light to develop new technologies in helping mankind, to make their lives more comfortable.

Electrical Engineering are involved the generation production, transmission, distribution and application of electrical energy.

Engineering who specialize in electrical engineering are also concerned with the design and analysis of controllers and power convertors that eventually help in obtaining the desired characteristics of electro mechanical systems, thus opmizing their performance.

No. of Seat Allocate

first Semester : 40
Second Semester : 20

Electrical Labs:-
  •   Basic Electrical Machine Lab.
  •  Power system protection Lab
  •  Computer Programming Lab
  •  Electrical Measurement Lab.
  •   Electric Circuits Lab.
  •  Power Electronic Lab.
  •  Control System Lab
  •  Electrical Instrumentation Lab
  •   Communication Engineering Lab
  •  Network Lab
  •  Electro Mechanical Energy Conversion
  •   Electrical Simulation Lab
  •  Microprocessor Lab
Teacher Name