GPN Alumini Association

The Aims and Objectives
  • To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and the Alma Master. To encourage the formation of chapters to increase participation of Alumni.
  • To provide a forum to establish a link between the alumni, staff and students of the Institute.
  • To enable the alumni to participate in activities this would contribute to the general development of the Institute.
  • To keep the alumni abreast of scientific and technological developments of national importance.
  • To help the alumni with their technical problems
  • To exchange professional knowledge, organize technical conferences, seminars workshops & training courses
  • To institute prizes and scholarships, and render financial aid to deserving students of the Institute.
  • To contribute towards the welfare of the alumni.
  • To further such other aims as the General Body may decide from time to time.

Organization Patron

The Principal of Government Polytechnic Nainital shall be the Patron of the Association.


Any person meeting one of the following criteria shall be eligible to be a member of the Association.

  • Persons who have received diploma awarded by the Institute, herein referred to as the alumni, as Members and those who have paid the membership fee as defined elsewhere as Active Members.
  • The students of the final year of Diploma in the Institute as Student Members.
  • Such persons, to be decided by the Executive committee, who may be of help in attaining the objectives of the Association as Invited Members for a period of one year.
  • Faculty members of the Institute may become Members (Faculty) of the association on payment of Rs 500/- as membership fee.

Membership Fee
The Membership fee for the Active Members of the Association shall be Rs 200/- . Faculty members enrolling as Members (Faculty) shall be required to pay the same fee. All the other members shall be exempted from the Life Membership fee.

General Body
  • The General Body of the Association shall consist of all the members of the Association.
  • The General Body shall meet, at least once a year at a time and place in accordance with the recommendations of the by-laws committee.
  • The quorum for the General Body Meeting shall be present Active Members i.e no quorum. For those General Body meetings which are to consider any constitutional change, the quorum shall be more than 100 Active Members, two-third of faculty members and student members.
  • At the Annual General Body Meeting, to be held between January and March, the Secretary shall present the Annual Report of the activities of the Association and the Treasurer shall submit the financial and audit reports.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consisting of the following shall be in over-all charge of the Association.

The President shall be an outgoing student. He/she shall preside over the Executive Committee and General Body Meetings.
Vice President
The Vice President shall be an outgoing student. He/she shall discharge the duties of the President during his/her absence.
The Secretary shall be an outgoing student. He/she shall look after the day to day affairs of the Association. He/she shall convene meetings of the executive committee and shall be responsible for execution of decision taking by the committee and the general body. He/she shall maintain the minutes of the executive committee and general body meetings.
The Treasurer shall be a final year student. He/she shall be responsible for financial affairs of the Association. He/she shall be in-charge of collection of membership dues and donations to the Association. He/she shall be in-charge of the payment of bills passed by the Secretary. He/shall shall make all records available for the scrutiny to the auditor.
Members There shall be three members of the executive committee. The members shall be the alumni of the institute. They shall carry out duties assigned by the secretary from time to time.
  • All active members of the association shall have the right to vote, propose, second or be a candidate for the elected positions of the executive committee.
  • Elections shall be conducted by the out-going executive committee in the annual general body meeting to be held between January and March of even numbered years

Term The term of the executive committee shall be about two years. The outgoing executive shall hand over charge to the in-coming Executive within fifteen days of the elections.
  • The affairs of the association shall be managed by the Executive Committee.
  • The quorum for an Executive Committee shall be four voting members.
  • Any three members of the Executive Committee can requisition a meeting of the committee by sending written request to the secretary.
  • The Executive Committee may co-opt up to four members for any specific purposes. Co-opted members shall be invited to the meetings of the Executive Committee but shall have no voting rights. The immediate past Secretary shall be co-opted to the Executive Committee if he is not already a member in some capacity.
  • The Executive Committee shall have the power to incur expenditure necessary to achieve the aims and objectives of the Association.
  • In the event of a member of the Executive Committee resigning or not being available for the rest of the term, the other members of the Committee shall appoint another member. The member so appointed shall hold office with full duties and privileges.
  • The time of the Annual General Body Meeting shall be announced to its members three months in advance.

Newsletter and Programs The Association shall publish a periodical newsletter and organize programs, conferences and seminars to attain the aims and objectives of the Association.
  • The Alumni residing in any particular place may form a local section of the Association with the prior approval of the Executive Committee of the Association.
  • Each section may evolve its own organizational structure within the framework of the Constitution of the Association.
  • Each section shall submit an annual report to the Executive Committee of the Association.

  • Money rose from donations, subscriptions etc. shall constitute the income of the Association.
  • The funds of the Association shall be invested in such banks or in such authorized securities as may be decided by the Executive Committee and shall be operated jointly by the Principal of GPN and Treasurer or President.

  • Suggestions for amendment of the Constitution signed by at least ten active members shall reach the Secretary in writing at least three months prior to the Annual Meeting.
  • The Secretary shall circulate these suggestions electronically to all the members at least one month before the Annual Meeting, where the amendments are to be discussed.
  • No amendment of the Constitution or its by-laws shall be made except by the vote of at least two-thirds of the Active Members.

Membership rights All Active Members shall be entitled to receive copies of all announcements and publications of the Association and shall be eligible to be beneficiaries of any scheme of Assistance administered by the Association.

Liabilities No member or an employee of the Association shall be personally liable for the debts, liabilities or obligations of the Association incurred by his activities on behalf of the Association. This shall not apply in respect of such action in which he is finally adjudged by suit or proceedings to have been derelict in the performance of his duty on behalf of the Association nor in respect of action resulting from willful disobedience of the law, bad faith or gross negligence.

place Annual General Body Meetings of the Association shall be held, unless decided otherwise the Executive Committee, at Government Polytechnic premise.
Time The time of Annual General Body Meeting shall be notified by the Secretary as decided upon the Executive Committee.
Special Meetings Special Meetings of the General Body to consider specified business may be called by the President. Such meetings may also be requisitioned by at least 50 or 5% of the Active Members whichever is higher by written request to the Secretary, such requests being made at least 60 days in advance of the proposed date of the special General Body Meeting. The business of special meeting shall be confined to the specific matter for which it is called and no other matters will be allowed to be raised.